Good As It Gaits Farm

Tennessee Walking Horses in the Texas Hill Country

Snapshots from the Farm

Molly, Cookie, and SmokeCookie watching Molly

Indian BlanketChance and his cat, Dali

Nellie and TexCrackerjack and Annika

Genie and the umbrellaTrailer training

Traveller and BrooklynKite flying

Quarter horses in a row

Dinky and SlickWho me?Cookie on the move

Traveller & Catherine Our photo gallery wouldn't be complete without some pictures of "the old man".  His registered name is Dark Beams Bold Stepper but he is known to all as Traveller. He's the first TWH we owned and has introduced countless people of all ages to the pleasure of riding a gaited horse.
Traveller & Katelin Traveller & Matteos

Horsepower isn't always 4-legged!  We have a couple other "mounts" that we enjoy.

Pugly Bike & Tractor