Good As It Gaits Farm

Tennessee Walking Horses in the Texas Hill Country


We have two groups of Tennessee Walking Horse mares at our farm. We have a few select mares of our own. We are also privileged to have on our farm the broodmares from Elsie Darrah's Last Chance Farm.

Good As It Gaits Farm mares

Our mares were selected for their disposition and gait with the goal of producing quality Tennessee Walking Horses that could be used for any discipline especially the one we enjoy the most, trail riding.

Genius's Wildflower - "Pogo"

Pogo Pogo and Slick Pogo

Genius's Wildflower

TWHBEA 958446
Pride's Genius Pride of Midnight H. F. Midnight Sun
Pride Of Stanley
Delight's Joanna Sun's Delight D.
Duke's Flight
The Light of Pride Pride's Dark Spirit Pride of Midnight H. F.
Spirit of Merry Boy
Prides Star Bright Pride of Midnight H. F.
Suns Morning Star R.

Pogo's foals
Yza Slick Traveler Yza Slick Traveler
Black Gelding
by The Gold Rush Is On
Shyz Congeniel Shyz Congenial
Palomino mare
by The Buck Starts Here
Possum Yza Smooth Traveler
Palomino Colt
by The Buck Starts Here
Chance's Wildflower Chance's Wildflower
Smoky Black Filly
by Darrah's Ivory Chance

Last Chance Farm mares

Arrows Blue Sky was one of Elsie Darrah's mares. In August 2007 Elsie moved Sky, her stallion Darrah's Ivory Chance, and her other 2 broodmares to our farm. When Elsie died we were honored to inherit her horses. Sky continues to be an asset to our herd.  

Arrows Blue Sky - "Sky"

Arrows Blue Sky SKy
Arrows Blue Sky

TWHBEA 20014694
Blue Gold Jetstar's Sunrider Delight's Jetstar
Merryman's Charm
Big Star's Gold Lady Eldorado's Big Star
Hero Merry Rose
Blanca Traveler Tate's Traveler Montana Traveler
Ebonys Patty Patches
Uptown Miss Chivas Regal
Dollie Walking Girl

Sky's Foals

Darrah's Royal Blue Darrah's Royal Blue
2004 Cremello Colt
by Royal Ivory
  Darrah's Thunder Cloud
2005 Cremello Colt
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs  April Showers Darrah's April Showers
2006 Cremello Filly
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs Cloud Dancer Darrah's Cloud Dancer
2007 Cremello Colt
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs Texas Sky Darrah's Texas Sky
2008 Cremello
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs April Sky Darrah's April Sky
2009 Cremello
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs April Flower Darrah's April Flower
20010 Cremello
by Darrah's Ivory Chance
Darrahs Prince William Darrah's Prince William
2011 Buckskin Colt
by Ted Williams
Darrahs Shady Lady Darrah's Shady Lady
20014 Buckskin Filly
by Shadow Hunter 88

The last of the Last Chance Farm mares ...

Elsie's elite group of mares represented many years of breeding and selection to get the type of mares that would produce exceptional foals that display the characteristics of original TWH breed standards. These mares produced foals with a natural head nodding running walk. They were versatile enough to meet the challenges for the many riding disciplines in show, pleasure, working and sporting events.  And through her extensive knowledge of equine color genetics Elsie added spectacular colors. The Last Chance Farm logo was: Quality first then we add "COLOR". Those of us that had the privilege of knowing Elsie miss her greatly.

Fireball's Mountain Maid Fireball's Mountain Maid
4/20/1989 - 4/30/2011
This grand mare is no longer with us but her legacy lives on. 
To see a list of horses with her in their pedigree: Maggie's Legacy
Arrows Star Of Gold Arrows Star Of Gold
Star has recently started a new career as a mount for autistic children.  Her gentle disposition, willing nature, and love of people will bring joy to the hearts of those that ride her.

Coming soon ... notes from Elsie's web site!